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 The Greek Tenor Konstantinos Klironomos is an emerging artist  praised by the Press, such as Opera Now, Opernwelt, Opernglas, Online Musik Magazin, for the timbre of his voice that is characterized by a full, rich, bright and ringing tone. He is also acclaimed for his thorough singing, his acting talent and his exuberant stage presence.

With the subtle nuances, a pinch of self-irony, a touch of gentleness,
the unvarnished affection that make Tosca touchingthe staging is economical. This is also noticeable in the role of Cavaradossi, whom Konstantinos Klironomos sings with steel power and disarming brilliance.
This is Grand Opera.
Straightforward and carefree, as a beaten man aroused pity, sentimental at the bottom of life. That’s how you expect Cavaradossi. Whether he sings the praises of the shining stars or of Tosca’s beautiful hands, one can only melt away.”
(Tosca-Sächsische Zeitung 24.02.2020)
"Konstantinos Klironomos offered a full, rich and smooth tone, exuberant stage presence and crystal clear recitation…"(Manon-Avgi 04.02.2019 )
"K. Klironomos delighted with a beautiful sound, well-timbred tenor, convincing joy in playing and empathy." (Orpheus-Opernglas 01.2018)
"The star of the evening is the TfN tenor K.Klironomos ... The tenor is deeply impressive. As Rodolfo, he soaks up the love melodies with every fiber of his heart. In this powerful voice, poetics, drama and compassion are combined into one greatness."(Concert La bohème-HAZ 21.08.2017)

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